Out Patient Mental Health Center (OMHC)

Therapy is a important and stabilizing therapeutic element for establishing optimal serviceshealth outcomes for consumers in all of WIN’s Treatment programs.  This service is structured for clients to be assessed for a mental health diagnosis followed by weekly therapy counseling sessions.  In addition, group therapy sessions are done at least once per week in order to reinforce therapy objectives and expose the consumer to other life skill and healthcare learning experiences.  Previously, we referred our 600 clients + (and hundreds of ex-clients) to external therapy support services within the community.  Beginning in 2018, we will be fast tracking the implementation of our own in-house Therapy services to serve a large percentage of our clients.  This change will generate better continuity of services and more precise tracking of overall healthcare outcomes.  Because of our current large client population and increasing consumer enrollment, this much needed Therapy service is positioned to have 200 to 300 hundred active clients within the first year.


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