father_daughterWIN Family Health is proud of our history of designing innovative services focused on a person-focused, family-centered approach that shapes service delivery to what the person needs, rather than clients to fit into a predetermined “one-shape-fits-all” healthcare dynamic.  Our services are holistic in scope, facilitated through our focus on the the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals, adults and families.

WIN Guiding Principles

The following principles ensure that we provide high quality Services:

  • All consumers are treated with dignity and respect.
  • We will always be skillful in our communication and focus on strengths
  • Find something good, say something good, do something good
  • We will do …what we say we will do.
  • Treat others how you want to be treated
  • There is always a reciprocal process of growing and learning in every exchange
  • Consumers are served, based on their presenting and individual needs, and with their consent.
  • Consumers are treated in the most rehabilitative and least restrictive manner necessary.
  • Consumers have easy access to the rehabilitation team, treatment services, and 24-hour crisis availability.
  • Consumers in crisis are provided with supports to get them through the crisis, without removal from familiar surroundings.
  • Rehabilitation team members are responsive and sensitive to the needs of clients.
  • Consumers and families are actively involved in the decision-making process of all mental health treatment plans.
  • Collaboration with other service providers is an integral part of what we do. Rehabilitation team members help client understand what mental health services are and how they support goals and needs.
  • WIN staff are good stewards who make efficient use of all resources available.
  • Effective service delivery and efficacy will be promoted through the establishment of coordination, consultation, and cooperation with delivering rehabilitative services.

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