Philosophy of Care

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Our philosophy of care is a strengths-based approach that empowers and affirms individuals at every phase of rehabilitation.  By supporting youth and adults with identifying and utilizing their inherent strengths, skills, and talents, we help prepare them for healthy recovery and sustained rehabilitation.  WIN staff holistically supports individuals with confronting personal challenges in a positive, proactive manner.  A unique aspect of our approach to service delivery is our commitment to the Family Strengthening Practice model, an evidence-informed treatment model that supports the holistic (spiritual, emotional, physical) development of youth, adults, and families.

Our philosophy of “authentic engagement” derives from the golden rule to treat others as you want to be treated.  Consumers can recognize and perceive your intentions, and know when services are offered as a mere programmatic dynamic as opposed to an authentic environment that is concerned about them overall as an individual and is willing to address all the factors that effect their lives.  At WIN, healthcare is not just about healthcare; we care for clients as a “person”, and this creates a loyalty to WIN as a service provider while motivating clients to fully engage and be invested in their own health outcomes.  This increases predictable service efficiencies, emoluments and outcomes.

Business Philosophy

WIN  is distinguished in the healthcare arena due to our ability and expertise with authentically engaging clients to be invested in their own healthcare outcomes.  Our skillful communication and relationship-based approach provides a platform to encourage consumer retention, consistency and the sometimes elusive “buy-in” required to maintain programmatic stability; this fosters growth through client and stakeholder referrals as a result of their experience and outcomes.  The healthcare industry requires a savvy understanding of how to balance complex human factors in order to execute a strategy that meets the needs of consumers with excellence and still produces profitability for the organization. We have become experts at identifying the types of scalable services that allow us to provide a superior healthcare product, with highly profitable percentage margins.

Many healthcare providers are founded by individuals who either have a business background without on-the-ground client experience, or have extensive experience with service provision, but lack business skills. Fortunately, WIN has the experience and heart for service and the business savvy to ensure sustained viability.  We have adapted to facilitating exceptional fiscal performance based on complex human factors, and growing the organization through a measured growth strategy.


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