Consumer Rights

You deserve the utmost respect at all times. WIN Team holds your individual rights in the highest regard as we strive to provide you with high quality rehabilitation services.

As a consumer of WIN Team services, you have the right to:
1. Be treated with dignity, respect, & compassion.
2. Receive holistic and therapeutic services of high quality in a professional and ethical manner.
3. Receive services in a safe & clean environment.
4. Be protected from behavioral disruptions by other persons served.
5. Receive services regardless of your ability to pay.
6. An explanation if services are refused for any reason and information on the process to appeal the decision.
7. Receive services no matter what your race, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, domestic/marital status, political affiliation or opinion, veteran’s status, or physical/mental handicap.
8. Have all rights accorded to you explained in terms you understand at the time of admission and upon request.
9. Expect the people working with you to never physically or sexually abuse you or say hurtful things to or about you. Specifically, the right to be protected from any activities or behaviors that are, or may be perceived to be, sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature with authority figures.
10. Have your family members actively involved in important decisions concerning your mental health treatment.
11. Have coordination and collaboration with your other service providers in an effort to promote healthy communication and reduce confusion.
12. Request and receive outside treatment services at your own expense.
13. Have easy access to your therapeutic treatment team and services.
14. Have a treatment plan, made by you and the clinician that you agree to work on.
15. Expect your assigned treatment team members to be responsive and sensitive to your needs.
16. Be served in the most therapeutic, least disruptive, and most appropriate community setting possible.
17. Refuse to participate in any kind of survey or research.
18. Refuse treatment, unless it is an emergency situation or you are required by law to participate.
19. Expect all information to be kept confidential unless you agree to release it.
20. Have your opinions about your care heard and used to improve our services.
21. Receive help if you do not believe you are being treated fairly.
22. Help with identifying and using your strengths and talents to achieve sustained holistic wellness.
23. Have access to age-appropriate and person-centered one-on-one and group activities that will address your therapeutic treatment goals & needs.
24. Support with developing or restoring your social skills and independent living ability.
25. Assistance with strengthening your ability to execute age-appropriate self-management and coping skills.
26. Have access to community resources that will assist your healthy community integration.
27. To privacy during on-site visits, and to be notified of outside visitors to the facility.
28. Have the right to informally complain or submit a grievance regarding the services you are receiving without fear or concern for retaliation by the organization or staff.
29. Have the right to be informed of appeal and grievance procedures.
30. Have the right to initiate appeals and submit an appeal to a decision to a governing body.
31. Have the right to receive grievance appeal decisions in writing.

As a person served by the WIN Team, you have a responsibility to:
1. Be courteous to other persons served and staff.
2. Relate your strengths, needs, abilities and preferences to your therapeutic team member as honestly and completely as possible.
3. Ask questions about anything you don’t understand.
4. Inform your therapeutic team member should you have any special needs.
5. Actively participate in your treatment and in meeting your goals.
6. Inform your therapeutic team member if you wish to discontinue services.

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