Family Strengthening FAQs


Q: What is the Family Strengthening Model?

A:The Family Strengthening Model is a strength-based, holistic approach to working with families that encourages a non-threatening, systems approach to resolving the issues that arise amongst relationships.

Q:How does the family strengthening  approach differ from the approach used by most caregivers?

A:We focus on strengths and resources rather than pathology or deficits: strengths are inherent and discoverable in any family environment.

Q:How do I learn more about the Family Strengthening model?

A:WIN Team is one the leaders using the model in our work with children and families.  All of our staff  are trained in the model, but we also welcome anyone interested to join our training sessions.  To find out when the next training session takes place, call (410)578-8003.

Q:What can I expect from a training in Family Strengthening?

A:Our trainings are didactic, process-oriented, and highly interactive professional development options for youth leaders, caregivers, and helping professionals.

Q:Most philosophies have rules.  What are the rules of Family Strengthening?


There are seven that are foundational for this model, and they are as follows:

  1. Do not find fault with others.
  2. Live up to the power of your own discrimination.
  3. Do not look for the fruit of your actions.
  4. I will be single-pointed.
  5. Think something good.
  6. Say something good.
  7. Do something good.


Q: Do I have to have a degree to practice this model?

A: No!  Everyone can learn and master the model with training and much practice.  Once you embrace it, you will find that the communication in most of your relationships will become more effective.


Q: What are some of the tools used to help families through Family Strengthening?

A:Communication & Intervention Skills Training, Parenting Skills Sequence, and Family Meetings are three successful tools that we use to help families.

Q: Does my family have to come to a therapist’s office to have a clinician conduct a family meeting with us?

A: Absolutely not!  Family meetings are primarily conducted in the home.  They are an innovative way of shaping the structure, communication, and kinship love found within all families.

Q:What can I expect from a family meeting?

A:There are five stages of a family meeting that are as follows:

  1. Social Stage
  2. Issue Stage
  3. Interaction Stage
  4. Restructuring Stage
  5. Closing Stage


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