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The radio program, airing every Sunday, will focus on providing holistic insight to improving relationships with the Family Strengthening practice model. Audiences of the radio show are encouraged to learn more about themselves and how they can improve their relationships. Listeners will learn effective skills that have been proven to benefit relationships.


Audiences will now be able to tune to “Advice for Life” on Heaven 600 AM on the radio or internet to learn more about ways to improve communication and promote love within the household and community.

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JUN 26, 2016

The Awareness Wheel (Healthy Communication Skills)

Today we will be discussing the importance of communication. We all believe it’s important to have good communication but many of us do not know what good communication looks like. What we posit in this session of Advice 4 Life is that we all want to be able to have an exchange that is healthy, that communicate our thoughts and feelings in an appropriate way, but many of us have never been taught how to do that. Let/s listen as Mr. Laws shares his thoughts and insights on how to practice healthy communication skills in your relationship.

JUN 19, 2016

The Awareness Wheel (Understanding Your Process)

Today we will discuss more on the “Awareness Wheel”, because it is very critical and vital to you understanding your process. When you can see yourself it gives you the ability to see other people. it means I can see myself in my communication cycle. Listen as we go deeper into this topic. Don’t forget you call in to the broadcast and share your story with us.

JUN 12, 2016

The Awareness Wheel (Discussion With Crystal on Changing Her Family Dynamic) Choking On The Steak

Today we will be talking with a caller name Crystal, who wanted change in her family dynamic. She was discussing a conversation aboutsex she was having with her son. Al Laws encouraged her to find the good and torespect women. She is concerned about her son respecting her authority, but sheis being encouraged to connect with him in areas in his life that will allowhim to engage properly with her as his mom. Let’s listen as Crystal learns to create a social stage/environment with her son.

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