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shutterstock_109344293WIN’s Substance Abuse Counseling Program (New Beginnings) was developed in response to the intense needs of individuals with substance abuse issues who reside in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, Cecil County, and Harford County. For over 25, years, WIN has strengthened families and given children hope. Our goal is to provide rehabilitative services that improve the quality of life for youths, adults, and families with social impairments. WIN is committed to helping individuals with substance use challenges access treatment and focus on recovery, through services that bring renewal and revitalization.

WIN recognizes people are suffering every day from a disease that is fully treatable.  Individuals with substance use disorder can and do recover; many people have successfully found their pathway to  life in recovery. WIN recognizes that we must continue to focus on helping individuals seek treatment and get on the path to recovery, in order to build and restore their lives, families, and communities.

WIN’ s Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling program offers high quality, coordinated, cost-effective outpatient services to individuals and families who experience difficulties associated with substance abuse or chemical dependency. Our goal is to provide services that empower individuals to enter or maintain sobriety/abstinence and to confront the prevalent issues that inhibit healthy, productive and stable  lifestyles.

The services provided by WIN have been developed and codified by the owner, Advisory Committee, and administrators of the program.  The dedicated paraprofessionals and licensed professionals of WIN will ensure our ability to provide quality substance abuse services to youth and adults in need.



WIN’s Substance Abuse Counseling program operates under the philosophy that alcoholism and other drug dependencies are primary and progressive diseases with unknown etiology. They are at present incurable, but are eminently treatable. We believe that the treatment for the disease of addiction must focus on abstinence and must help people learn to deal with the everyday realities of their lives, without the use of alcohol or drugs. It is our belief that no one modality or approach is right for all clients; therefore, WIN supports a person-centered model with individualized treatment planning guidelines. WIN is committed to being the provider of choice for addiction treatment for the residents Baltimore, Prince George’s County, Cecil County, and Harford County.

WIN’s wide range of outpatient substance abuse counseling services are provided in a clinical setting and organized within a comprehensive therapeutic environment that includes: screening and assessment, diagnostic determination, individual and family counseling, psychiatric consultations, crisis intervention, group counseling, educational programming, client advocacy, and referral to community resources. Youth and adult clients are assigned to licensed clinicians who assist in individual planning  and care. Services also include consultation with family and/or professional care providers. Our clinicians are trained to treat the addicted population from a strengths-based bio-psycho-social perspective and therefore are excellent case managers who competently help youth and adults address a multitude of issues. In some instances, clients will present issues that require a Specialist. Subsequently, clients are referred for additional services to referral partners.

AddictionQuotes-900x660All WIN consumer service needs are met in the least intensive setting possible. WIN offers four Substance Abuse Counseling services that prospective clients may be eligible and admitted to:

  1. Driving While Intoxicated
  2. Early Intervention Services
  3. General Outpatient Services
  4. Intensive Outpatient Services


WIN will provide holistic substance abuse treatment that improves the quality of life for youth and adults with substance abuse disorders. WIN will utilize strength-based/solution-focused training, counseling, and mentoring services that produce healing and restoration for its clients and their community.

The overall goals of WIN’s Outpatient Substance Abuse Counseling services are:

  • To identify and utilize clients’ strengths in the recovery process to maintain abstinence from drugs and alcohol by assisting individuals with resolving their treatment issues;
  • To provide a variety of age-appropriate group and one-on-one activities that address client’s individualized treatment goals;
  • To alleviate client’s symptoms associated with substance abuse and drug-related issues;
  • To assist youth and adults with living a drug-free lifestyle, and developing essential daily living skills;
  • To enhance the social skills of each client in order to integrate into their community; and
  • To teach clients healthy recovery-oriented coping skills that can be utilized during time of

Individualized treatment goals are identified and achieved with our clients, and their natural support networks, and are designed:

  • To stabilize, educate and help our clients achieve and maintain  abstinence;
  • To assist with building positive, recovery-oriented support networks;
  • To enhance client’s ability to make informed decisions and choices supportive to recovery;
  • To increase the health and quality of client’s social, peer, and family relationships;
  • To increase client’s ability to adhere to established societal rules and regulations; and
  • To increase client’s connection to additional services that assist in achieving the aforementioned goals and


All clients served by WIN must be in need of services to support their healthy functioning in the greater community. All clients referred for WIN’s Substance Abuse Counseling services must meet the requirements of “medical necessity” as defined by the Maryland Public Mental Health System. Additionally, youth and adults referred to WIN Team must be eligible to receive Medical Assistance in  the state of Maryland, as all clients seeking program enrollment must receive pre-authorization from the ValueOptions eligibility system. ValueOptions is an automated inquiry, authorization, and claims reporting system that will enable WIN’s Admissions Coordinator to quickly and efficiently verify a Medicaid recipient’s current eligibility status.

Per COMAR, a parent or guardian of a youth, with the youth’s consent, may refer a youth to WIN Team’s Substance Abuse Counseling program. Youth referred to WIN Team’s Substance Abuse Counseling program must be at least 12 years of age and not older than 17 years of age. Referrals for individuals age 18 or older are considered adults.

Eligible youth and adult clients will have a referral that validates a pattern and/or history of harmful alcohol or chemical use, as evidenced by:

  1. Need for repeated use of alcohol or chemical substance for adequate functioning;
  2. Inability to cut down or abstain from alcohol or chemical use;
  3. Inability to track the amount of alcohol or chemical substance consumed;
  4. Repeated efforts to control or reduce the frequency and amount of alcohol or chemical substance;
  5. Binge alcohol drinking or use; and/or
  6. Amnestic periods for events while

Additionally, eligible clients will exhibit impairment in social or occupational functioning as a result of ingesting alcohol or chemical substances, as evidenced by one of the following:

  1. Atypical behavior (such as: financial excess, violence, lying, stealing, or sexual acting out) while intoxicated;
  2. Vocational or academic problems, such as: absences from work or school, tardiness, failure to meet performance standards, regression of vocational skills, employment termination or probation, expulsion;
  3. Legal difficulties; and/or
  4. De-socialization, such as: social isolation, intense social anxiety, or lack of natural

Eligible youth (ages12-17) and adult clients will qualify for outpatient substance abuse counseling services when the above criteria are met and there is an absence of alcohol or drug-induced withdrawal delirium, hallucinosis, and/or amnestic disorder. The individualized strengths  and needs of referred  clients are considered when determining the most appropriate level of service for newly enrolled youth and adults.

Client Rights, Grievance, and Non-Discrimination The WIN Team believes that every client deserves the utmost respect at all times.  WIN Team holds the individual rights of all clients in the highest regard  as we strive to provide high quality outpatient substance use disorder services. All WIN Team Clients have the following rights:

  • The right to be treated with dignity, respect, and compassion;
  • The right to have easy access to our therapeutic treatment team and services;
  • The right to expect your assigned Clinician to be responsive and sensitive to your needs;
  • The right to be served in the most therapeutic, least disruptive, and most appropriate community setting possible;
  • The right to have your family members actively involved in important decisions concerning your mental health treatment; and
  • The right to have coordination and collaboration with your other service providers in an effort to promote healthy communication and reduce

The WIN Team treats each prospective and current client with consideration, respect, and full recognition of his or her human dignity and individuality. Our treatment of youth and adults are appropriate, our care is adequate, and our services are in compliance with relevant State, Local, and Federal laws and regulations that prohibit physical or mental abuse or neglect by program staff. WIN Team offers an atmosphere free from discrimination and does not allow any use of physical restraints. The WIN Team continuum of Substance Use Disorder services ensures privacy, confidentiality, and allows for clients, and his or her guardian, the right to refuse participation in any experimental research unless the research complies with 45 CFR Part 46.


DUI/DWI Education Groups WIN’s DUI/DWI Program offers an instructional 12-hour Alcohol Education Program intended to provide rehabilitation for individuals convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or driving while intoxicate (DWI).

Eligibility – WIN Team offers services to individuals convicted under Transportation Article, 21-902, Annotated Code of Maryland, and ordered under Criminal Procedure Article, 6-219, Annotated Code of Maryland, to attend an education program, due to a conviction of driving while intoxicated or while under the influence of alcohol while on Maryland State roads.

Adults eligible for this level of service will also meet the following criteria for the six major life areas detailed in the ASAM:

  • Acute Intoxication and/or Withdrawal Potential – No withdrawal risk
  • Biomedical Conditions/Complications – None or stable
  • Emotional/Behavioral/Cognitive Conditions and Complications – None or very stable
  • Readiness to Change – Willing to explore how use affects personal goals
  • Relapse/Continued Use/Continued Problem Potential – Needs understanding or skills to change current use or high-risk behavior
  • Recovery Environment – Environment increases risk of use

Assessment – The Addiction Specialist completes a comprehensive assessment for each eligible participant, unless the participant has received an assessment by a licensed or certified clinician, or licensed program within the preceding 45 days. The WIN Team Bio-Psychosocial assesses the history and current status of the client in the following areas:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use (ATOD)
  • Employment or financial support
  • Gambling behavior
  • ATOD and gambling treatment history
  • Mental Health
  • Legal involvement
  • Family and social systems
  • Educational involvement
  • Somatic health, including a review of medications

The assessment results in a recommendation for the eligible participant to be enrolled in the 12-hour, 6 week drug and alcohol education group series or the 24-hour, 12 week drug and alcohol education group series. The assessment results may also identify a need for a referral to a treatment program. The court mandating individual compliance with the DUI/DWI education program will be notified whenever there is a referral made for additional support services.

Service Overview – WIN Team’s Addiction Specialist, in consultation with the Clinical Director, facilitates either a 12-hour or 24-hour drug and alcohol education group for eligible clients. Adult clients assessed as “social drinkers” and who do not meet the criteria for substance dependence will be invited to join the 12-hour, 6 week DUI/DWI education group. Adult clients assessed as substance abusers, chemically dependent, and/or repeat DUI/DWI offenders will be invited to join the 24-hour, 12 week DUI/DWI education group.

All DUI/DWI groups follow a thoughtful curriculum that covers the basic concepts of alcoholism, its signs and symptoms, and the medical, emotional, and spiritual effects of alcohol abuse. Client attendance is required for the weekly education groups.  Clients may choose whether day or evening groups work best for their schedules.  The general curriculum covers the following:

  • Scope of drinking-driver problem;
  • Intoxicated driver patterns and characteristics;
  • The pharmacology of drugs and alcohol;
  • The process of addiction to drugs and alcohol;
  • The relationship of substance-use to crime, health, family, and other social problems;
  • Natural support network and treatment

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