August 2017 Newsletter

Enriching Lives Through Experiences

WIN Team PRP works to produce enriching experiences that enhance our clients’ worldview. Part of those experiences come in the form of activities planned and scheduled for youth and adults, ranging from cultural awareness, to financial advice, to trip to the zoo. In the past few month, WIN Team put together events that were not only fun, but truly enriching!

Baltimore’s  Team held a Multicultural Awareness event in which attendees learned about Japan, Africa, and St. Thomas. Youth and adults learned various facts about each culture and their traditions, while sampling popular snacks from each region. We’re looking forward to hosting our Multicultural Communication event this month!

The Prince George’s County team took their youth group to the  National Zoo. Three of our clients had never been before and it was clear that choosing the zoo as July’s onsite event was the right decision! The day was filled with nothing but smiles and wonder while kids were able to meet animals from different parts of the world.

Cecil County hosted Art Therapy sessions to encourage clients to engage their creative side. From designing  crafts to coloring in books, youth and adults were treated to a relaxing atmosphere while they let their imaginations take over. Clients learned just how powerful it is to be able to channel creative energy as part of the healing process.

We’re looking forward to all the upcoming events!

WIN Helps Promote Safety in Neighborhoods during National Night Out

National Night Out was developed as a way for people to say “NO!” to crime in their neighborhoods. From rallies, to block parties, to parades, various groups put together evening programs to celebrate this night. The message? To just how strong the community connection really is.

WIN Team was proud to participate in Baltimore and Prince George’s County for the third year in a row. The weather held out while hundreds of community members gathered in solidarity. WIN was proud to offer support and services to anyone who may have otherwise not known where to look.

Additionally, WIN staff donated their time to offer services during Baltimore’s Ceasefire “Nobody Kill Anybody for 72 Hours”. Our community mental health and substance abuse professionals were on hand to be accessible to community members who may not have felt they had access or were to embarrassed to reach out. Our staff, along with multiple organizations,  spent Friday night in East Baltimore and then again Saturday night in West Baltimore making sure these neighborhoods had resources they needed.

We’re excited to be a part of next year’s event and continuing to advocate for safety and compassion in our neighborhoods.

Three Cheers for Another WIN!

“I really appreciate you for considering my problem with my security deposit for an apartment rental.  Moving to my new apartment was the best experience in my life and I am overjoyed with emotions.  I felt like I made it and God kept his promise. 

I am going through a divorce and dealing with an alcohol problem.  If it wasn’t for your supportive team always encouraging me and motivating me to be better; I don’t think I could make it. I could not get assistance for a major part of my security deposit.

I had giving up and I did not want to live.  I felt like I was trying so hard, but nothing was happening.  However, my DSW, Ms. Sherri Adair and my Addictions Counselor, Mr. Jay Henderson did not give up on me.  They would pick me up from my house and sometimes wait for an hour for me to come out so I can make it to my appointments.

One day, I went to my onsite visit with my DSW, Ms. Sherri Adair and seen Mr. David Heard.  I asked him for help with my security deposit.  He told me that I have to try harder to make all appointments with my DSW and Addictions Counselor and to stay focus.  I agreed and began to work very hard to make all my appointments on time. 

Then, my life started to make a change. I got my own car and I started to really believe in myself.  Once I found out you had approved my security deposit financial support; made me so happy.

I have now moved into my new apartment.  It feels like a brand new start in my life. When we entered the apartment, my children were running around and now they are happy too.
Furthermore, I did not have enough money to purchase household items; but, I did not care.  My DSW, Ms. Sherri Adair was so excited for me that she went to Walmart to purchase items that I needed.  When I went to my Addictions Counselor, Mr. Jay Henderson would make sure that the whole group ate even when I knew he didn’t have the money. But, I am glad he did, because, I did not have food in the house.

Mr. Al Laws, my mother, Ms. Earlene Cox worked for your company and she would say so many wonderful things about you.  Now, I see the great man she was talking about that is a true man of God.  I really appreciate you and your team at WIN Family Services.

As I am writing this letter, tears are running down my face.  I am truly blessed that I am getting services at WIN.  I will be successful one day and I will never forget that you created a business that saved my life twice from suicide.  I have my own place, my own car, in the right state of mind and health with the help of an awesome team at WIN Family Services.  I am very happy and thank you so much for continuing to support me.

Catch WIN at an Event Near You!

WIN Team is making its mark in the community and we want to meet YOU! Our team has been spotted at events just like the 3rd Annual Community Resources Fair hosted by the Department of Juvenile Services. Prince George’s County staff, Alicia Merritt and Louis Martin, spent the day greeting individuals, sharing information and making connections.   It is our goal to make our services known and accessible to community members.  We’ll be at your local resource fairs, backpack giveaways and family events throughout the rest of the season, so when you see our purple table cloth and bright colored banners, stop by and say hi! We’ll have all kinds of fun things for you!

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