December 2017 Newsletter

Take a Look at Our New Gear!

Polo Day 7We want YOU to know who we are, where we are, and what we are! Find us out in the community donning our royal purple polos signifying we are part of a family… the WIN Family, that is. We’re proud to represent our organization and want to make sure you know where to find us when we’re out and about, so WIN staff designated the first ever “WIN Polo Day” where each staff member wore his or her new shirt to the office, to appointments, to meetings… everywhere! Take a look at how great everyone looked in their new gear.

New Beginnings for Everyone

Substance Abuse National Recovery Lunch 5Our substance abuse program, New Beginnings, sees to it that our clients and their families reach the healing they need and deserve. Here at WIN Family Services, we believe that amazing things happen when we break bread, so we hosted our first ever New Beginnings luncheon to signify the new beginning for each and every member of our program. Clients and staff shared a delicious meal while sharing with one another what their path to recovery has looked and felt like. Attendees got to hear from speakers as well as had the opportunity to tell their own stories. While the entire event was a truly enriching experience, the biggest take away was the lesson that no one is ever truly alone. For more information about our New Beginnings Program, please visit

Enriching Lives Through Experiences

PG-Hearts-and-Homes-Onsite.jpgWIN Team PRP works to produce enriching experiences that enhance our clients’ worldview. Part of those experiences come in the form of activities planned and scheduled for youth and adults, ranging from cultural awareness, to financial advice, to school supplies giveaways. In the past few month, WIN Team put together events that were not only fun, but truly enriching!

PRP clients were treated to a Girl’s Appreciation Day where the young ladies of our program got to enjoy the three staples in a woman’s life: pizza, ice cream and manicures. Not only were our girls able to enjoy their favorite foods while being able to sit back, relax and get pampered, the also enjoyed each other’s company and took part in circle talk – discussing various topics and issues facing society today. At the end of the event, the girls were surprised with giftbags.

The start of the new school year saw a great need for school supplies among the youth in our community. PRP hosted a Backpack Giveaway where clients were able to come in and choose their very own bookbags stock full of the items they needed for a successful year.

The cold weather is no match for our hot chocolate and blanket giveaway. We equipped our clients with what is most needed to chase those upcoming winter blues away! Clients were able to come onsite to pick up a cozy blanket and supplies to make a warm and tasty chocolatey treat. Bring it on, winter!

Three Cheers for another WIN!

Every year, The Success Project highlights “Families of Hope” at their annual Celebration of Hope. WIN is proud to announce their nominee, Emma. Emma is a Harford County native who is being celebrated for her willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.

She is the single mother of two beautiful kids who keep her busy with football and gymnastics. Emma has had to overcome a challenging learning disability that has helped her develop creative ways to get ahead. She is determined to give her kids a better life than she had growing up by pursuing a certification in phlebotomy while working in home health care. Last year, Emma saved her mother’s life by donating a kidney, pausing progress toward her goals. Despite the setback and the tough recovery, she says she would do it again in a heartbeat.

A true family woman, we’re so proud of your progress and can’t wait to celebrate you at this year’s banquet!


All We do is WIN!

5kHere at WIN Team, we believe that health is not only in the mind, but encompasses the body and the spirit as well. Thanks to an idea born from Rosa Smith, a few of WIN’s staff came together to brave Baltimore Parks and Recreation’s Annual Zombie Run 5k on October 14th. At the crack of dawn (or 8am) our group of 8 displayed meritorious Zombie Apocalypse survivor skills as we ran and outwitted formidable walking dead. True to our family spirit, as each team member crossed that finish line, we were there to cheer each other on. Perhaps we’ll test our skills running with reindeer at the next event? Stay tuned!

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