Behavioral Health

“We all have mental health concerns that need to be monitored and addressed…..its just a question of intensity and duration.”- Al Laws


Therapeutic Wellness 

The road to mental health recovery can be a long and difficult journey and we all need someone to go through it with us.

WIN’s Wellness Center is a community behavioral health provider offering services (including therapy, substance abuse counseling, psychiatric rehabilitation, and foster care) to youth and adults with social, behavioral, and mental health conditions.

When you feel like you’re at the end of the road, know that recovery is absolutely possible. People recover from even the most serious and persistent mental health challenges, such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder. The key? Access to appropriate treatments and support systems.

How can you recover from a mental health challenge? First, let’s take a look at what you’re able to do when you are recovering…

Individuals recovering from mental health challenges are able to improve their functioning and ability to:

-successfully live and work in the community
-enjoy active social lives, attend school, practice their faith
-maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle

You may be thinking, “How can WIN help?” Our staff holistically supports individuals confronting personal challenges in a positive, proactive manner. A unique aspect of our approach to service delivery is our commitment to the Family Strengthening Practice model, an evidence-informed treatment model that support the holistic (spiritual, emotional, physical) development of youth, adults, and families.

You’re in great hands! WIN staff are effective communicators, liaisons, and advocates committed to supporting the needs of youth, adults, and families through a Family Strengthening approach.  Our group of experienced, skilled, and licensed counselors, mentors, practitioners, clinicians, and trainers  are held to high accountability and ethical standards.

New Beginnings (Substance Use)

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” Carl Bard


No one needs to tell you what life is like with addiction. You are living it. Are you ready to start a new beginning?


WIN’s New Beginnings Substance Use Counseling offers…

  • DUI/DWI education
  • Assessments
  • Early intervention
  • Individual & group counseling
  • General outpatient counseling
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Life skills development & Spiritual growth

 FREE Lunch & Travel Assistance

  • Faith-Based & Holistic Services
  • Unique Therapeutic Activities
  • FREE for Medicaid Eligible
  • Low Cost for Self Payees
  • One-on-One Mentoring

Recovery isn’t easy…  but it is POSSIBLE

Let us help!

M,T,W,Th: 10 am-2 pm | Th 6-8 pm | Sat 10-2 pm

Additional hours may be available upon request


Family Strenthening

shutterstock_77873401The Family Strengthening Practice (FSP) model is a strength-based, culturally sensitive model adaptable to a wide range of human service settings, including treatment foster care, psychiatric rehabilitation, community mental health, and a wide range of other mental and behavioral health services. This therapeutic, evidence-informed model is an innovated form of the Structural Family Therapy (SFT). This innovative model emphasizes the improvement of communication patterns, identifying family structure and order, skillful reflection of family enactments and interactions, and disciplined focus on strengths. As a result, families experience sustainable change and stability despite numerous challenges.

The model’s holistic core competencies offer skills which: orient families and family workers to focus on the family’s sufficiency, competency, and strengths; assists families with establishing realistic expectations, showing understanding for each others issues, and solidifying rules, limits and consequences; facilitate the process of joining and reflecting the family’s behavior and communication patterns; engages individuals, families and practitioners with exploring the structure, communication, and inter-relational enactments of their family. Additionally, the Family Strengthening practice model utilizes Family Meetings, an innovative form of the SFT Family interview, that occurs primarily in the family’s home (but can occur within a family therapy office). It provides a venue for skillfully shaping the structure, communication, and inter-relational interactions within the family.

Culturally relevant communication and intervention skills help to establish authentic interactions. A replicable sequence of process and response techniques will be introduced that produce sustainable, measurable, and actualized change and stability. Family Strengthening facilitates healing through identifying the individual and family’s inherent strengths.



Everyone has a dream for their future. DREAM is an acronym that stands for Destiny Therapeutic_talent_devRealized Equals Achievement Maximized.

At DREAM, youth and adults are given the opportunity to identify, appreciate, develop, and utilize their talents and gifts as a strategy for accomplishing their life goals.  WIN  strives to empower the youth by nurturing their strengths, boosting self-esteem and encouraging creativity.

What interests you the most?

Art/Visual Design – Youth and adults choose this group to experience artistic expression and learn self-management skills.  DREAM Group Leaders help youth identify positive and healthy inspirations for artistic designs.  Youth and adults may develop comic book characters and process their personal experiences, process their own thoughts and feelings, and problem-solve and help manage the behaviors of their comic book character in response to specific issues.

Creative Writing – Youth and adults choose this group to express themselves through poetry, songs, and short stories.  Youth are encouraged to write about their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.  Opportunities to share creative writing pieces are also an experience of this group.

Dance & Movement – Youth and adults choose this group due to an interest in a dance genre and/or fashion.  Structured dance sessions may include jazz, ballet, hip hop, or liturgical dance.  Youth and adults also join this group to engage in the designing, styling, and modeling of clothing.

Vocal/Instrumental – Youth and adults choose this group to compose, write, record, and perform original songs.  This group is uniquely designed to naturally link youth and adults to liberating artistic expression. DREAM Group Leaders suggest various academic concepts and life skill strategies for youth to include in their musical production.

Advice 4 Life

IMG_0310-3WIN’s CEO, AL Laws and his wife Aisha host a weekly show Advice 4 Life.   Al and Aisha share relationship advice through live video conversations on social media and iHeart Radio (Heaven 600AM Sunday Mornings at 9:30am).

Advice 4 life hosts Al & Aisha Laws



Watch over 100 of past Facebook Live shows where we focus on relationships.

Advice 4 Life Website


Philanthropic Partnership

happy familyWIN Team is committed to serving the community every possible way we can. More than 20 years ago, WIN Team provided financial assistance to help develop WIN Family Services, a nonprofit providing therapeutic foster care.  We jointly host events for those that we serve throughout the year. WIN Team donates to projects that support WIN Family Services regularly, including providing tickets to sporting events for youth.

strawberry festivalAnnually, WIN supports the Catonsville Strawberry Festival with Hunting Presbyterian Church. Each year, hundreds of community members gather at Hunting Presbyterian Church to enjoy a barbecue, carnival games, sweet treats, face painting, pony rides… and of course, strawberries!  WIN staff and their families always enjoy serving the community.

WIN loves to create memories with those that we serve. 2016-xmas-party-e1506711511190.jpgEach year, WIN sponsors a Christmas party for consumers and their families. Through donations and an annual gift drive with Heaven 600 AM (iHeart radio), WIN is able to offer a gift for everyone that comes!

WIN Family Service Screen Shot

Philanthropy - words set

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