Environmental Requirements

Environmental Requirements

Per COMAR, WIN Team operates a facility free from fire hazards such as, combustible materials, flammable liquids, dust build-up, faulty electric equipment and overloading power sockets. WIN have adequate smoke detectors throughout the building with working and updated fire extinguishers WIN has a written fire evacuation plan which describes the routes to use and procedures to be followed by employees (See Attachment #.) and holds a current fire inspection certification. WIN Team has designated exit routes from the building free and clear of any obstructions and properly marked “emergency” exits from the building. WIN Team complies with applicable federal, State, and local sanitation, building, fire codes, and zoning requirements for all of its human service facilities.

WIN Team maintains documentation of legally required periodic evacuation drills. Within the first 30  days of employment, WIN Team provides its staff with training regarding emergency and evacuation procedures.

B.  Special Accommodations

Per COMAR WIN Team has protocols with other community programs which includes a referral agreement that provides for admission and treatment of individuals with the following:

  • Limited English proficiency or hearing and speaking disabilities
  • Physical and mental disabilities

Patient Rights and Grievance Procedures

Per COMAR WIN Team treats each patient with consideration, respect, and full recognition of the patient’s human dignity and individuality.  WIN Team provides treatment, care and services that  are adequate, appropriate, and in compliance with relevant State, local and federal laws and regulations and prevents physical or mental abuse by the program staff. WIN Team offers an atmosphere free from discrimination and does not allow any use of physical restraints. The milieu at WIN Team ensures privacy and confidentiality and allows the patient the right to refuse participation in any experimental research unless the research complies with 45 CFR Part 46.

WIN Team posts its patient’s rights throughout the building and provides each client a statement of patient’s rights.

 B.  Grievance Procedures

Per COMAR WIN Team ensures that each client is provided with the grievance procedures of the program. WIN Team staff provides the patient upon admission a description of the Grievance  Policy and the procedures that includes:

  • Patient’s right to grieve program decisions, including but not limited to discharge, and change in status
  • Patient’s are informed of steps of the grievance process and levels to which the grievance may be taken

WIN Team takes no retaliation against a patient who presents a grievance

WIN Team informs each patient if revisions are made to the grievance policy and the nature and extent of the revisions.

C.  Nondiscrimination

Per COMAR WIN Team may not discriminate in the provision of services on the basis of race, creed, color, age, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, disabilities, and any other classification prohibited under State or federal law including:

  • American with Disabilities Act, 28 CFR 35
  • Fair Housing Act, 42 U. S> C. 3604

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