Justice System

WINdownload offer services for the Justice System – providing a venue for skillfully shaping the structure, communication, and inter-relational interactions within the inmates’ family.  In the past, WIN has worked with the Baltimore Mayor’s office to establish the practice of Family Strengthening as a signature platform for addressing many of the city’s issues with crime and domestic challenges. Today, WIN continues to offer Family Strengthening training and organizational development resources to governmental and community-based organizations.

Training offers and includes:

  • a highly interactive presentation (communication skills, interventions, and strategies to strengthen inmates and their families)
  • an easy to follow sequence of “one-two-three” communication response
  • lessons on necessary inter-personal skills to maintain family and community supports
  • introduces the “My Baby’s Father” (MBF) training, an urban family’s storied odyssey that details the interactions and dramas of an urban family,
  • help for inmates to examine their role and importance in their families and help identify healthy connections for planning reintegration back to the community.
  • Communication and Intervention Skills Training – Terms and definitions of a practice that clearly delineates communications skills and reflective Interventions or “Mirrors.”
  • Family Decision Meetings Training – and interactive method for engaging their family members in effective communication.

Quick Facts

  • The Attorney General’s comprehensive Anti-Violence Strategy, led by our Nation’s U.S. Attorneys, to reduce and prevent crime is the “three-legged stool” of enforcement, prevention, reentry.
  • Every year, some 700,000 people are released from America’s prisons and millions more cycle through local jails.
  • The last major study of recidivism rates found that two out of every three released prisoners were re-arrested for a new offense, and about half were re-incarcerated.
  • There is a high recidivism rate among juvenile offenders Recent statistics show an average of 50% recidivism for juvenile offenders in Maryland
  • Higher rates for youth that are in foster care and group homes.

Please Note: Family Strengthening can be presented to inmates both in large groups, smaller groups and individually with their family or identified support system.


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